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We use the latest in Coatings technology to seal and restore commercial roofs.

Metal Roof Restoration

What is It?

Metal roof restoration is a complete waterproofing system for metal roofs that inhibits rust, stops leaks, and provides an energy-efficient, long-lasting, and attractive finish coat for years of service.

What can this Metal Roof system do for you?

Protect. Extend. Reduce.

  • Stops leaks at the seams and screws
  • Our work and products are confirmed to reduce your energy costs!
  • Help your roof last its longest. Proven to extend the life of your roof!

Step 1

Prep and Prime.

All metal roofs start out with a wash and de-oxidation treatment. They are then sprayed with Conklin’s Encase Primer to prevent the spread of rust and promote adhesion.

Step 2

Seal Seams and Screws.

All the vertical and horizontal seams will be sealed by embedding a reinforcing fabric into the coatings to prevent cracking and each screw or nail will be sealed with a dab of Conklin’s fastener grade caulk.

Step 3

Final Top Coat.

Top Coat is the final step in the installation. By reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s ultraviolet energy rather than absorbing it in the form of heat, Conklin’s Energy Star roof coatings can drastically reduce cooling cost.



Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a seamless barrier system that insulates and waterproofs your roof to save energy costs. Many building owners find the system provides a lightweight reliable barrier that not only withstands the test of time, but is also financially advantageous. Conklin’s SPF System delivers countless benefits, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Advantages of Conklin’s SPF Coating System:

  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expense with a cool, white, reflective surface and an insulation value of R-6.3 per inch of thickness.
  • Stops leaks
  • Simplifies repairs — most damage can be fixed with a caulk gun and coatings
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Reduce cooling expense by up to 30%


A great return on investment is another important reason to choose Conklins’s SPF System. Many satisfied customers discover that a SPF Roofing system lowers energy costs and can pay for itself during the warranty period. Federal tax rebates, tax credits, and deductions may also offset your investment. In many cases, the government considers recoating a procedure that can be deducted as maintenance cost. Check with your local utility company, tax advisor, and www.energystar.gov for additional details.

step 1

Foam Application

SPF Roof Systems use a High Density, Two part, Hot application foam that cures in minuets, ready for spray coatings. SPF Roof systems can be applied at a minimum one inch thickness and up.

step 2

Coatings Application

Conklin SPF Roof Systems receive two layers of Acrylic coatings to ensure high durability and long lasting results. Conklin’s highly reflective white roof systems have been providing energy savings to building owners since 1977.

Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System

What is Fabric-Reinforced Roofing?

A unique system that waterproofs with a seamless acrylic coating in which a tough, flexible fabric is embedded. This combination makes a rugged, yet lightweight membrane that resists splitting and rupturing – the primary cause of leaks. This system also substantially increases the strength of your roof, extends its life expectancy, and increases the energy efficiency of the building.

Look forward to years of trouble-free protection, A rugged roof that stands the test of time.

Conklin’s Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System is tough and flexible; it is recommended for both new and existing roofs. This extra-durable system will deliver these benefits for years to come:

  • Stops leaks with superior waterproofing
  • Offers excellent wind and hail protection
  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expense with its cool, white reflective surface
  • Extends the life of your existing roof

Step 1

Fabric installation & base coatings

After proper cleaning and application of appropriate primer

Conklin Spunflex Fabric is embedded into wet base coat, then applied in overlapping sheets over the entire roof to form a seamless, monolithic surface.

Step 2

Final Top Coat

Seal entire roof with one of our approved acrylic coatings. -Puma XL -Benchmark -Rapid Roof lll

The average roof absorbs a large portion of the sun’s ultraviolet rays as heat. Conklin’s white Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System reflects 85% of the sun’s heat, cooling your roof.